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Friday, September 10, 2004

About the Documents

The possibility that the new Bush Guard documents are forgeries is now filtering through the MSM. However, as rarely as I read him..., Josh Marshall has pointed out the possibility of the exisitance of superscript fonts at the time of the documents. I stand by my estimation that it is highly likely that the docs were forged, at this point in time, and in fact I believe it is more likely that the documents are forgeries than I posted yesterday. However, I am not certain, I will try to be patient though before expressing certainty. There's nothing here, that can't wait a day or two before saying for sure that 60 Minutes/Dan Rathers has either (a) perpetrated a hoax through poor journalistic standards and/or (b) was hoaxed despite executing journalistic standards or (c) the docs were genuine and much of the right-side of the blogosphere has egg on its face. And since I like Ice Cream so much more than crow, a little patience is in the order of my day.

Although, as I write, the likelihood of forgery only grows.